Animal Talk: Birthday Python

Phang Sako is celebrating its 21st birthday! So what, you may say but hey, Phang Sako is a seven-metre long python. The snake belongs to one Phang Joon Siong from Kuching, Malaysia. Sako is supposed to mean Brother Snake which probably explains why it shares the same surname as its owner. The duo would be celebrating their birthdays together. The owner just turns 51. He would be getting a a special cage with steel bars and a granite floor for Phang Sako but rest assured, the former would not receive any present in return!


Liudmila said…
This story is incredible! I've read about it some times but would like to know much. I can't believe these persons live so many years together, and the child too! I can't understand!
footiam said…
Adam and Eve used to live with one and even though it looked mild, it still enticed the silly couple to sin and caused them to be cast out out of their home!

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