Shoot! And I don't need a gun!

I once heard someone said that the inventor of the atomic bomb, Hungarian physicist Leó Szilárd was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. During World War II, Leó Szilárd, and many other scientists in the 1945 Manhattan Project that produced the deadly weapon had hoped that by merely showing the tremendous power of the bomb, Germany and Japan would be forced to surrender. In a similar vein, Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the assault rifle and a decorated general wished that his legacy would spread peace in the world and stop murders and wars. Pretty silly smart men these, don't you think?

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Liudmila said…
What a great photocamera! My is half dead and I look for something to change it once it will be possible. I visited some shops and have seen the professional cameras... PRICES!!! My god...
footiam said…
I wish I can take a picture like that too but to have a simple camera is better than not having one!!

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