Size Does Not Matter!

Now, I may be small but does that matter? I am able to enjoy life and feed on insects while the big, yellow one can't. But do you know that I do not need food or water for the first 72 hours? My body is able to retain the yolk sac from the hatching egg for nutrition!


Liudmila said…
When we had chickens, we took them to the hen some hors after birth. We gave them time to take more force. But the hen really waited some days more befor she took them to eat.
footiam said…
Oh! I never know that. You are living in a farm?
Liudmila said…
It's not a real farm. It's a house made some centuries ago and a piece of earth on the mountain. So, we have a garden and some animals. Actually only hen and cocks and a dog. And 3 stray cats that live with us. Befor we had chickens and a male-dog, pigeons. And when i was not married I had parrots and fishes too.

So, I can tell you great stories about all these world. ;))) And all them will be truth.

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