I Deserve a Scratch!

I am scientifically known as Equus caballus. Besides being a large odd-toed ungulate mammal and one of ten modern species of the family Equidae, I have long been one of the most economically important domesticated animals and
a prominent figure in the ideals of religion, mythology, and art, as well as playing an important role in transportation, agriculture, and warfare. I also serve as a source of food, fuel, and clothing. For all these reason I certainly deserve a scratch!


Liudmila said…
Is it true that there are 10 species of horses? Incredible. I know only 3-4...
footiam said…
I really didn't know until I read that in the net. Over here, you don't see horses on the road. The few around could be in the zoo, circus, racing track and some tourist spots.

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