Animal Shelter

We often hear of kindergarten for young children,old folks home for old people, women shelter for women who suffer violence from their spouses, drug addict rehabilitation center for drug addicts etc etc. Now, what do you think of this place and what do you call this place in the first place? By the way, you can see a liger here!


Liudmila said…
It's a pitty to see these great animals closed in these restricted places. From other side it's not soo bad - maybe they can help their parents one day. But they don't know it. In Neaples Zoo there were monkeys large as a humans that lived in a space about 2x3 meters. After a scandal many of these poor animals were brought in other places.
footiam said…
I do find it sad that old folks have to stay in old folks home too. But sometimes, if you don't have those homes, where would they stay?

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