What's In Your Hump?

Camels are well known for their humps and many people think that these store water and they are wrong! The humps are actually a reservoir of fatty tissue and will be used when the camels run out of food. When the fatty tissue is metabolized, it does not only produce energy but it would yield more than 1 g of water for each 1 g of fat converted through reaction with oxygen from the air. This process of fat metabolization will result in a decrease in size of the humps and then, to get the original size back, the camels must have a good rest and of course, food, too!


Liudmila said…
Camels are more happy. We, humans, have our fat in the most mistaken places... :)))
footiam said…
We can always take care of our diet. Have a balanced diet, Liudmila!

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