Animal Talk: Not Quite a Delicacy

Would you consider taking a bite of a diseased liver? If you like the rich, buttery Foie gras, a popular delicacy in French cuisine made of the liver of a goose, you'd probably have taken more bite of it than you can chew- that is if it is true that the big, white and beautiful liver is actually a diseased liver achieved by forced feeding the goose. A metal pipe is said to be pushed down the goose's throat and the goose is fed corn until it drops dead! Maybe, we are talking here more of a diseased mind!

The production of foie gras...Can you spot the normal liver and the diseased liver?


Liudmila said…
We are educated for consumism for generations. It's not a desease, I think. It's the desire to make great money and bad education. By the way, the manipulations of our minds became just unacceptable.

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