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I am Flying!

I am flying!

Can ducks fly? I used to think that they can't. Back home, my dad used to keep ducks in the backyard. I had not seen any of them flying. Domesticated duck, it seems, do not fly because their body weight is heavy. Wild ducks, however, do fly! That's why, I suppose, western comics and books have hunters shooting down ducks.

Size does matter!

For Malaysia’s biggest bull, size does matter. Besides needing a daily diet of 50kg of Indian Napier giant grass and 5kg of food pellets, getting up on its four feet is difficult to do. Because of its girth, it takes up to a minute to just get up and then of course, it is difficult to have sex. Its owner, Juharani Jaafar, a cafe operator had tried to get the bull to mate twice and both times the cows died. Standing at 183 cm and weighing 1.5 tonnes, the six-year-old bull which is bigger than a mid-sized family saloon car broke their backs when it mounted them!

I am the flower dog!

You hear it right! I am the flower dog, not the flower girl!

A flower girl, like a ring bearer or a page boy, is a participant in a wedding procession. A flower girl walks in front of the bride, carrying a bouquet of flowers and may spread flower petals before the bride as she makes her entrance. And while we are here, here's , 'Here comes the bride'...


Rats That's what Kapuku are! If you fancy a diet of rats, you'd probably get to buy it in Lilongwe, Malawi. where you can get the rodents ready cooked, salted or dried. These gray field mice are popular Malawi delicacy.The mice are hunted in corn fields after the harvest when they have grown plump on a diet of grains, fruits, grass and the odd insect. Doesn't really look like a dirty meal, does it?