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Move over, Robinson Crusoe!

Move over, Robinson Crusoe! I can make my own umbrella too!

In Daniel Defoe's novel, 'Robinson Crusoe', the main character, Robinson after being marooned in a deserted island made several things for survival, among which was an umbrella. It was supposed to be like the one Robinson had seen in Brazil. In one of his voyages, Captain James Cook, the English explorer saw some of the natives of the South Pacific Islands using umbrellas made of palm leaves. Sometimes, I think there is just a thin, faint line between facts and fictions...

Animal Talk: Little Babies

The giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) which are a type of bear may be a giant and grow to between 75 and 160 kg but panda babies are actually very small, weighing only 90 to 130 grams the most. That is about 1/900 of its mother's weight. The babies are born with pink skin with black areas on the legs, ears and eyes. They are usually born with a small amount of white fur and get more fur when they are about nine months old.