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Chapter 3 Movement of Substances Across The Plasma Membrane

Active Transport:

Passive Transport:

All living cells require oxygen, nutrients and minerals.
These substances enter the cell through the plasma membrane. Excretory products such as carbon dioxide and urea are eliminated from the cells through the plasma membrane. These substances need to move across the plasma membrane.
The plasma membrane is semi-permeable in nature and allows only the passage of water and specific dissolved substances across it.Movement of substances across the cell is essential to enable the cell to receive substances required for cell respiration and to excrete waste products The plasma membrane is composed of the phospholipid bilayer, carrier protein and poresMovement of substances across the plasma membrane is through passive transport and active transport.Passive transport involves the movement of dissolved substances from an area of higher concentration of the substance to an area of lower concentration of that subtance.
This type of movement follows a concentr…
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